“Okaki” and “Osenbei”

What Japanese snack (O-kashi) do you recommend?



I would recommend “OKAKI” and “OSENBEI” – both are one of the most popular snacks in Japan. OKAKI is essentially toasted cut and dried MOCHI rice cake. SENBEI is originally based on uruchimai, a non-glutinous rice – grind uruchimai, steam, dry, toast and brush with a flavoring sauce. Often both of them are made of soy sauce, but they are also available in a wide range of flavor. Foods such as sesame or shrimp may be grinded to rice cake material. Alternatively they may be flavored with sugar or mayonnaise, among others. They may then be wrapped with a layer of nori. Enjoy a variety of choices and find your favorite!

There are some specialists for delicious “OKAKI” and “OSENBEI”. You can find more about “Japan Okaki and Senbei Sommelier Association” at http://www.japan-osa.net

From Deep Japan